Quality Management

The quality process at HARDTOP involves taking all steps required for improving process quality and product performance. Our production is completely integrated into our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

We plan the quality of our products together with our customers. The requirements for each casting are determined exactly or provided by our customers. Our quality standards do not tolerate any compromises. Hence the close cooperation with our customers is our strength.

Continuous quality checks during the manufacturing process and final checks – also by external inspection representatives – guarantee our customers high quality standards of our products all over the world.

HARDTOP performs the following quality assurance measures depending on the agreement with the customer:

  • monitoring the raw materials,
  • monitoring the cast analysis,
  • dimensional checks,
  • determining the weight,
  • measuring hardness using different methods,
  • checking surface conditions,
  • dye penetrant testing,
  • magnet powder testing as well as
  • ultrasonic measurements.

For any in-depth examinations such as determining

  • tensile strength,
  • elongation at break,
  • yield strength,
  • bending strength,
  • notch impact strength

or tests using

  • X rays and
  • Wirbeeddy current,lstrom,

we closely cooperate with accredited local partner companies.