Depending on the weight and lot size required HARDTOP manufactures and supplies castings made of

  • unalloyed, alloyed and high alloyed steel,
  • wear-resistant alloyed cast iron and austenitic manganese steel,
  • bimetals and composites,
  • grey cast iron,
  • non-iron based alloys such as aluminium, copper or bronze,
  • as well as powder forged parts.

In order to provide this comprehensive range of products, we use modern installations, machines, tools and auxiliary resources. They include:

  • Design and simulation
    3D CAD software Pro/ENGINEER as well as the mould filling and solidification simulation packages ProCast™ and NovaFlow & Solid CV,
  • Pattern and mould design
    Traditional mould design as an external service as well as CNC milling for moulds and core boxes made of wood, synthetic resin and aluminium,
  • Moulding and core-making shop
    Hand moulding and automatic moulding installations for moulding materials using bentonite and sodium silicate CO2 as a binder, as well as alpha set process,
  • Melting operations
    Mid-frequency induction melting installations with a capacity of 300 kg to 4,000 kg and spectrometer,
  • Blasting room
    Blasting, grinding and welding installations,
  • Heat treatment
    computer controlled electric hardening and annealing furnaces,
  • Quality management
    all processes and installations as described under “Quality”.