Materials Development

Material substitution, combination and modification offer a huge potential for improving the performance of cast components. That is the reason why HARDTOP has implemented the strategy of a product-oriented material development from the outset. This includes among other things:

  • developing new materials and their applications,
  • providing application-oriented properties as well as
  • enhancing material qualities and their properties.

The overriding target is to pool available competence together with our customers and to provide cross-links with material, design and production technology. HARDTOP is a trailblazer in this field. Examples for this are amongst others:

  • development of the highly wear resistant brand products HTV26 and HTV40,
  • development of the extremely tough brand product HT05L,
  • development of the weldable brand product HT30L,
  • development of the acid-resistant material HT07L for use in battery recycling,
  • development of a material combination for a bimetallic wear part for crushing salt.

HARDTOP conducts the development work first in the lab and after that directly in the company’s foundry.