Coal is an energy source that plays an important part for a reliable energy supply. In the coal power plant the mined coal is first transported on conveyor systems into the bunker. On the way it passes a separator, where foreign substances are eliminated. as well as a crusher unit, where the overall top size is reduced. In the coal mills the coal is milled and dried with flue gas before it is blown into the combustion chamber and burned completely.

On the way from extraction to pulverized firing, the coal undergoes several processing stages. This imposes very high requirements regarding wear protection and heat resistance on the installations and equipment.

HARDTOP’s material programme including steel, wear and bimetal castings guarantees a long service life for machinery spare parts. This allows for longer repair intervals and increased availability of the units.

This applies to e.g.

for coal extraction, processing and storage:

  • beater plates,
  • cover armouring,
  • corner armour plates,
  • bunker lining,
  • mpact bars and

for reducing the coal top size: spare parts for

  • hammer and impact hammer mills,
  • bowl mills,
  • tube ball mills and
  • beater wheel mills.