The company’s specialty product is HARDTOP® bimetal cast. During its production two completely different metals are combined (processed) in one single casting process.

The distinguishing feature of this method is the substance-to-substance bond of a ductile base material with an extremely hard wear material, the bond between the materials meeting highest demands.

It is possible, for instance, to use an impact-resistant, heat-treated steel of high mechanical strength for the areas that are prone to fracture and an extremely hard chromium cast iron for the areas that are subject to heavy abrasion. This approach is advisable whenever different areas of a component are exposed to different kinds of stress. That way the selection of materials is optimised for the stresses present inside a given component.

The advantages of HARDTOP® bimetal cast are

  • high wear resistance
  • high component reliability
  • increased service life
  • high machine utilisation
  • reduced downtime
  • reduced maintenance expense
  • increased output
  • additional profit
  • reduced overall costs