Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is used for building purposes such as loading and unloading raw materials and their transport. This machinery is not only related to the construction industry, as it is also used in the mining industry (deep-shaft or surface mining), in agriculture, at landfills and in other branches of industry. Construction machinery can be grouped as follows according to the task to be performed:

  • earthwork equipment (stationary, movable and flat excavators),
  • transport equipment,
  • compacting machines,
  • drilling and diaphragm wall equipment,
  • machinery for transporting and processing concrete and mortar,
  • traffic route building machinery,
  • tunnelling equipment,
  • hoisting devices,
  • pile drivers and pulling tools
  • sewer and pipeline construction equipment,
  • compressor equipment and
  • cleaning equipment.

The individual components of the building machinery are often subject to extreme wear conditions. HARDTOP’s material programme including steel, wear and bimetal castings guarantees a long service life for building machinery spare parts. Examples for this are:

  • caps for earth and landfill compactors,
  • wear segments for tunnel boring machines,
  • baffle plates and impact bars for bucket wheel excavators,
  • slide shoes for bucket chain excavators,
  • struts for gravel or sand washers,
  • bases for asphalt mills,
  • blades and scraper bars for snow ploughs,
  • segments for screw extruders and
  • wearing rings and valve seats for concrete pumps.