Steel Castings
Cast steel is one of the most important structural materials.

We manufacture and supply steel casting products as prototypes or in small and medium-sized lots

  • with constant quality and
  • high dimensional accuracy as well as
  • in various quality grades and
  • within short delivery periods.

Our range of products comprises castings with an individual weight ranging from 0.2 kg to approx. 5,500 kg, the materials used being

  • steel castings for general purposes,
  • tempered steel castings,
  • heat-resistant steel castings,
  • creep and heat resistant ferrite steel castings,
  • steel castings with improved welding characteristics,
  • corrosion and acid resistant steel castings and
  • other steel casting materials.

Fields of application for our steel castings products include

  • general mechanical engineering,
  • pump construction,
  • vehicle manufacturing,
  • plant engineering including
  • power plants and
  • chemical industry.


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