Powder Forgings
A range of forgings made from metal powder supplements HARDTOP's product portfolio of material combination components. The forging process combines powder mixtures consisting of two or more metals under high pressure.

Typical applications are:

  • CrCu switch contacts for vacuum switches and contactors as well as
  • AlCr or AlTi coating materials for use in the flat glass, electronic, solar and optical industry, for foil and decorative coatings as well as for wear protection.

The equipment installed in the powder forge comprises a 500 t screw press and a tunnel kiln with conveyor belt for heating the compacts under protective gases. The size of the parts produced ranges from 30 mm to 110 mm in diameter.

Our powder forged products offer the following qualitative features:

  • highest purity,
  • density of over 99% and
  • no intermetallic phases.

On June 30th, 2015 we stopped our forging business at our facility in Harzgerode.

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